The Packaging Education course program has been designed to meet the training requirements of various employee and freelancers’ skill levels.

The Only Food course program includes events dealing with topics related to food industry.

The courses include entry and advanced level training contents, vertical on materials and technologies, but also transversal on topics such as hygiene and safety, logistics, and many more.

One of the richest areas, in terms of events and insights, concerns materials in contact with food, which, for over 20 years, has been systematically implemented with qualifying courses.


The conference and seminar format are designed to increase the packaging industry culture on technical, regulatory, economic, food, environmental and material issues.

The program is continuosly enriched with an outlook on the latest innovations proposed by the market.

The calendar includes events for the domestic market and a series of international titles, which attract a large number of participants from abroad.


Culture, Skills, Network and Updating

The strengths of the consulting sector are the values ​​on which Packaging Meeting has developed its business: the construction of the corporate culture, the continuous increase in human resources skills, the strength of being a network, which looks beyond the home boundaries and in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of the subject. In fact, we have transferred our training expertise also in the consultancy formula, to accompany companies in the transition of change, towards the growth of skills.

The consultancy is totally customized according to needs of the client company, who can build its own path, in synergy with the dedicated project manager.